Friday, June 6, 2008

Classics Primes

Today is a toy hunting day for me and not forgetting two of my fren, Greg and soon teck. I saw the picures of crystal prime and nemesis prime in the email and was drooling over the pictures... nevertheless once after work, the three of us rushed down to toyntoys to take a look... btw i was last.. Stupid jam!!!

When i saw the both of them, i was like........ jaw opening and eyes got stuck... the next question that pop out from my mouth is how much?? The guy in the shop told me it was the last set liao... dun regret.. haha... i was talking to myself if i should get this... finally i come to a conclusion... i can never go to japan and queue for the crystal and no way for the sdcc prime.. so i bought it.. but of course i had to borrow some cash from my fren soon teck.. Thanks man.. greg also bought a crystal prime. soon teck bought ironhide and ratchet.. but he paid more for it as the sales was over... so sad... he paid 30 dollar more...and he blame me for not getting it for him when there is a sale...

After toyntoys close, we went for dinner and continue to OG chinatown. Greg was pondering over henkei series... but soon teck was onto gundam.. in the end we went to the toy fair in taka.. but nothing seems to interest me... i was still playing with my classics...

Friday, May 30, 2008

My First transformer

Ya, my first transformer is a masterpiece!! MP04.. It is a toy that is manufactured by takaratomy.. it is really a masterpiece as the engineering of the toy is amazing. The diecast parts are superb and the transformation of the toy is wonderful. I love it and it somehow triggers my addiction to collect transformers toys.. The sad part is that i got it at a premium price as i still a green horn in collecting tfs then. My fren was lucky to buy it at a cheaper price. He did not wan to have it originally cos of the high price. But after hearing my comment on it, he took the plunge and he never regret it. If you can get it a a reasonable price, dun hesitate!! Worth it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nemesis Prime

Haha... so long i haven come in... too must to work i guess... i just bought a it will be soon where all my transformers are free from their prison. Hehe. I went to china square today... and saw something which touch my heart... Toyntoys are clearing their stock of toys(tfs,starwars etc). Prices are so cheap that i calculated i would have save 200 dollars if i buy them now... but it is not the price that touches me... it is that all sales money will go to sichun aid... understand that now after the earthquake that happen in sichun, a lot of help is needed for the health aid and rebuilt.. think toyntoys having clearance sale to help... so touched... i wanted to get some... but i have most of it so i called up some friends to see if they are willing to buy... one of my friend who just started to collect TFs, bought most of the encore series... all together about 200 dollars... three cheers for him... and thanks him for the donation..

i went to the second floor and look for my toy kakis... mr LAI.. he is one toy collector and seller... wonder how he find so many vintage toys to sell... haha.. we walk around and saw this nemesis dodge ram... alternator repaint of optimius prime... Damn Cool... although i do not collect alternators but this atteact me cos it is a prime in black and best.. it is a decepticon... where to find...i look at the price..100!!! wa... i tot that is it... no chance liao... Suddenly the shop owner say i can have it for 65 dollars!!!! haha... cos he know my fren Mr LAI... he say cos no box so sell me at retail lor.. haha.. lucky me.. i waste no time in taking it.. haha.. thanks to LAI...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas present

My wife got me a new toy for my christmas present!!!!!! beast wars neo: gigastorm (trypticon)... not cheap and i really touched that she bought something like this for me. Actually i saw that when i was shopping. I wanted to buy it but was taken aback by the fact that it cost more than two hundred.... I mistake it for the G1 trypticon and i was dying to get one. Reason being that i have a metroplex so it will be great if i have a trypticon to go along with it. But think i was in a hurry so did not occured to me that it came out a beast war one..

My gf wanted to give me a present so she got this for me after knowing that i like it. But she know nuts about it so she just went to the shop and buy.... cost quite a bomb..... was happy that she bought it for me... love it...

i will post picture of it once i got it... hahaha...